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  • Cement Swimming Pools
    Cement Swimming Pools Before there was an empty side yard.
  • Cement Swimming Pools
    Cement Swimming Pools After there was a beautiful inground cement swimming pool that the whole family could enjoy.
  • Cement Swimming Pools
    Cement Swimming Pools Before there was a brand new home with a boring backyard.
  • Cement Swimming Pools
    Cement Swimming Pools Then came Aqua Pool Care to construct a strong, inground cement swimming pool.
  • Cement Swimming Pools
    Cement Swimming Pools The Cement Swimming Pool transformed the backyard in to a paradise that can be enjoyed for generations ahead.
Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite Swimming Pools

Of the different pool types, gunite swimming pools represent the high end of the swimming pool industry. Gunite swimming pools are the most expensive, however, they offer the homeowner with a extremely strong and luxurious swimming pool with features that steel wall swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools can not match. If you are looking for luxury and you want a beach entry swimming pool with an infinity edge, spill over spa, waterfall, with built in sun loungers, then there is no other pool type you should consider.

Any Size, Any Shape, Strong and Built to Last

Since Gunite Swimming pools are built out of concrete and rebar, they offer an unlimited amount of shapes and sizes. The only restrictions are based on the size of your backyard and your imagination.

Gunite swimming pools are made out of rebar, concrete and marsite. A steel rebar cage is built to the shape of your swimming pool, then concrete is poured over the rebar mesh 6 inches deep, with a 1 foot bond beam around the swimming pool. Finally a mar site coating is applied to give your swimming pool a comfortable feel and decretive color

Infinity Edge or Vanishing Edge

An infinity edge, or vanishing edge, is one of the most beautiful and interesting features a swimming pool can offer. Gunite Swimming Pools with Infinity Edge allows your swimming pool's water to flow off and over the edge of your swimming pool wall. The water is collected in a on the other side of the wall and recycled through your filtering system. Views from inside and outside of your gunite swimming pool with vanishing edge are simply stunning.

Swimming Pool Finishes

Gunite swimming pools are made of steel and concrete to make them super strong, but beauty and comfort is in the pool finish. The swimming pools finish is a decretive texture that is applied to the interior walls and floors of your gunite swimming pool. With many colorful options and texture types to choose from, we can build a truly unique swimming pool that suits your personal tastes.

Concrete Swimming Pool Shapes

Get inspired and find the swimming pool shape that’s the perfect fit for your backyard.

  • Grecian
  • Grecian Swimming Pool Shape
  • Grecian Lazy-L
  • Grecian Lazy-L Swimming Pool Shape
  • Grecian True-L
  • Grecian True-L Swimming Pool Shape
  • Rectangle
  • Rectangle Swimming Pool Shape
  • Lap
  • Lap Swimming Pool Shape
  • True-L
  • True-L Swimming Pool Shape
  • Lazy-L
  • Lazy-L Swimming Pool Shape
  • Roman End
  • Roman End Swimming Pool Shape
  • Kidney
  • Kidney Swimming Pool Shape
  • Mountain Pond
  • Mountain Pond Swimming Pool Shape
  • Mountain Lake
  • Mountain Lake Swimming Pool Shape
  • Lagoon
  • Lagoon Swimming Pool Shape