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Vinyl Liner Replacement

Liner Replacements

Vinyl Liner Replacements

Aqua Pool Care, LLC has been installing and replacing vinyl swimming pool liners in the Central, South Carolina region for over 20 years. When it comes to vinyl liner replacements, we have just about seen it all, so you can expect a quality professional job regardless of the shape, size or condition of your swimming pool. Choose from our large selection of liner patterns that will transform your swimming pool and backyard retreat. Call us for a free estimate and we will have you and your family swimming in a beautiful looking pool in no time!

Measure and Fabrication

Our experienced professionals will measure your swimming pools exact dimensions, ensuring a perfect fitting liner. We work with the swimming pool industries top liner manufacturers who design your swimming pool liner to our exact dimensions of your pool. Your liner is then computer cut and painstakingly welded together by hand making sure quality is built into every liner they produce. Your liner is then inspected and shipped to us for installation.

Experienced Professionals, Expert Installation

Once we receive your liner from the manufacturer, our liner installation crew will remove your old vinyl liner, clean the swimming pool walls and bottom, install your new vinyl liner along with new gaskets and face plates on all fittings, to ensure a leak tight, perfect fit that will make your swimming pool look like it was brand new.

Modern Vinyl Liner Patterns

We use only top quality vinyl liner patterns from two of the swimming pool industries top manufacturers; Kafko Pool Products and GLI Pool Products. Both of these manufacturers offer a variety of modern 3D style liner patterns, in multiple thicknesses from 20 Mil to 28 Mil. Click on each manufacturers vinyl patterns on the right hand side of this page to view each companies complete vinyl liner collection.



Kafko Vinyl Liners

Kafko Vinyl Liners

Each Kafko™ True-Fit® Liner combine unique design and manufacturing process with the best materials available for years of lasting beauty for your pool. They use only 100% Virgin Vinyl infused with algae inhibitors and U.V. Protection and print their vinyl using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market today.


GLI Vinyl Patterns

GLI Vinyl Liners

In staying abreast with the latest trends in the pool industry, GLI’s designers worked to create new patterns to meet the custom vinyl pool builder’s ever changing needs. These new patterns are rich in color and contrast beautifully with the outdoor environment, while the contemporary tile adds unique detail to your pool.

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